Purfresh Inc. has long been known for ozone. The Freemont, Calif.-based company’s new product Total Active Environment offers much more.

“It’s a big step,” said Joan Rosen, vice president of post-harvest science. “It’s a major change enhancement, taking advantage of all the different aspects of a container’s environment.”

Total Active Environment uses ozone as a broad-spectrum antibacterial to reduce decay, oxidize ethylene and suppress mold in shipping containers. Rosen said the gaseous ozone is effective against pathogens, parasites and viruses, providing a one- to three-log reduction on both product and the container’s surfaces.

The system also provides temperature management and controls the atmosphere inside the container.

“Even one degree matters when it comes to temperature,” Rosen said. “One degree can extend shelf life up to 10%.”

All three aspects נozone, temperature and atmosphere can be monitored and adjusted during shipment, Rosen said. The levels also can be customized based on requirements for different commodities, she said.