Montreal-based WeighPack Systems Inc. is expanding its Zippy Bagger equipment line, adding a new model that handles wider bags.

The Zippy Bagger XL handles widths of 14 to 20 inches. The older model bags spans of 6 to 14 inches. They automatically draw a bag, then open, fill and seal it at speeds up to 35 counts per minute.

“Both baggers are ideal for any free-flowing fresh produce product — carrots, onions, brussels sprouts and others,” said John Brown, sales and marketing coordinator.

The machines run both polyethylene and laminated wicketed bags on a conveyorized support. Both models come with a touch screen and programmable logic controller, Brown said. They’re available in both left-to-right and right-to-left configurations.

Other features include an adjustable wicket assembly; a no bag, no fill sensor; a continuous sealing head; and digital temperature control.

Zippy Baggers are part of a larger line of weighing, bagging and conveying machines offered by WeighPack.