(Sept. 29) KENNESAW, Ga. — KES Science & Technology Inc. is going to commit AiroCide at this year’s Produce Marketing Association convention in Orlando.

That’s when the company plans to unveil AiroCide PPT, its latest perishables preservation technology. AiroCide uses a combination of ultraviolet light and hydroxyl radicals to destroy bacteria, viruses, molds and spores.

Kris Morlan, director of marketing and communication for KES, said the device is suitable for just about anywhere on the cold chain. The company is even looking at ways to use it during transportation to help extend shelf life.

“We’re not currently installing these on trains and trucks, but that’s where we’re headed,” she said.

For now, Morlan said, the AiroCide system is being targeted for use in postharvest storage from warehouses all the way to the retail level.

The system works differently from a traditional filter, Morlan said, in that it doesn’t just remove pathogens from the air. It kills them.

The air is drawn from the room into a photocatalytic processor where molds, spores, bacteria and other pathogens are killed.

“There is nothing left,” Morlan said, adding that the technology was originally developed by NASA to preserve food in space.

For more information, visit www.kesmist.com or call (800) 627-4913.