Citrus grower Booth Ranches is using technology from SureHarvest, Soquel, Calif., to better manage its 37 citrus groves across the San Joaquin Valley in California.

Booth began tracking its irrigation systems two years ago, and wanted a more efficient way of collecting and analyzing the data, Paul Adams, chief financial officer for Orange Cove, Calif.-based Booth Ranches, said in a news release.  

“Because we are spread across multiple water districts, we wanted to know if we are consistent in our management strategies. And we want to know if we are applying water at the right amount and the right time to impact fruit quality. With SureHarvest, I can record the irrigation event with a handheld computer in the field when it happens and download to the database where it is available to the entire management team,” Adams said in the release.  

Booth also plans to use the technology to manage chemical and fertilizer applications, pest control and other programs, according to the release.