No longer will wholesalers and warehouse personnel have to manually monitor ethylene gas levels in ripening rooms.

Catalytic Generators LLC, Norfolk, Va., is introducing the SmartRipe Ethylene Application System, computer software that when hooked into a generator automatically controls ethylene levels to preset standards to aid in the ripening process for fresh fruits and vegetables, according to a release from Catalytic Generators.

“The SmartRipe gives a fruit ripener the ability to have instant access to the current ethylene levels in each ripening room, any time from anywhere,” Greg Akins, president and chief executive officer for Catalytic Generators, said in the release. “When connected to any of our generators, the system has control of ethylene levels by set point, making it a unique and useful tool for the fruit ripener.”

The SmartRipe also has the ability to document information and more easily perform quality control audits, according to the release, through use of a downloadable archive system that chronicles ethylene, temperature and relative humidity levels. SmartRipe also comes with an alert system should problems occur in ripening rooms.

“Our goal has been to develop an affordable ethylene sensor that connects to our industry-leading ethylene generators,” Akins said in the release. “The result is a system controlled from a (personal computer) using our Ripening Manager software to maintain ethylene levels in the 50-300 (parts per million) range. This solution will give our customers better control of the ripening process to help ensure proper color and ripeness of fruit.”