Clear Lam Packaging Inc. will be keeping very busy at this year’s Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit.

The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company plans on introducing three new packaging technologies at this year’s big trade show, scheduled for Oct. 3-5 in Anaheim, Calif., according to a release from Clear Lam. They involve tamper-evident designs, renewable flexible films and a Clear Lam trademarked product called EarthClear PrimaPak.

The first of two tamper-evident packaging technologies, the Clear Lam SecureGuard, features a tear strip that must be pulled away before an additional lip is opened to enter the package. The tear strip serves as visual indication that a package has been tampered with. The second features a new wide flange technology for sealing lidding film around round and square deli containers. Both designs are available in renewable plant-based plastic and recycled petroleum-based plastic, according to the release.

Clear Lam also will feature renewable flexible films made from 50%-100% renewable plant-based plastic. Clear, printed or metalized versions of these films are well-suited for fresh produce, according to the release.

The company also is expanding its earth-friendly packaging product line with EarthClear PrimaPak, a stackable, flexible package produced from a single roll of film with an injection-molded lid. The, according to the release, should cut down on thousands of truckload shipments of glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic jars, which should reduce greenhouse emissions and help the environment.