At the height of the season, with fresh produce running through at top speed, an error message on a computerized scale can bring a packing or handling line to a screeching halt while technicians travel across country for an on-site service call.

But with the introduction of 360 Online Support from CombiScale Inc., produce operations can avoid lengthy delays and save money, according to a news release from the Opa Locka, Fla., scale company.

The real-time support is available for all of CombiScale’s PrimoWeigher 360 combination scales. Bundled software on each scale allows service technicians to connect to the equipment’s operating system to diagnose and resolve problems, often without the need for a site visit, the release stated.

The systems use name brand software, including Skype and LogMeIn. Both wireless and landline connectivity is possible. System security requires a PIN and customer consent to guard against unauthorized access. Additional details are available on the company website,

Combiscale tech support helps keep lines running