Courchesne Larose Ltd., a Montreal-based fresh produce distributor, plans to use NASA-developed food safety technology in its new building and expansion project that will open later this year.

To prevent airborne cross-contamination, the company will use AiroCide, a technology that kills airborne mold, fungi, bacteria, allergens and viruses, according to a news release.

The technology also dismantles volatile organic compounds, such as ethylene gas.

AiroCide works by eliminating the risk of airborne contamination without using harmful chemicals or gases, which helps maximize shelf life. It also eliminates unpleasant odors associated with the processing and storage of food.

“The technology is not only completely safe for our workers, but efficient in enhancing shelf life of our produce,” Denis Pageau, vice president of administration and operations, said in the release.

AiroCide is a FDA listed class II medical device and is CFIA approved.