Embedded radio frequency identification tags on Intelligent Global Pooling Systems’ (iGPS) plastic pallets helped lead law enforcement officials to a supply of the company’s misappropriated pallets in Perrysburg, Ohio.

On April 16 investigators found several hundred of the Orlando, Fla.-based pallet rental service’s missing pallets in a warehouse belonging to Pallet World, a company that buys, sells, and repairs new and used pallets, according to a news release. The pallets are supposed to be returned and reused after the goods they carry reach their destination.

“Through our proprietary tracking technology, we realized that our pallets had been diverted improperly in mid-April,” said Al Farrell, vice president of asset management. “Pallet World is only authorized to return iGPS pallets directly to us, for which they are compensated. Once we recognized the misappropriation, we notified law enforcement authorities, who assisted in the recovery of our pallets and launched an investigation into the circumstances.”

Farrell said this was not an isolated occurrence. The company has experienced similar issues in other states.

“Just this past December, our technology led law enforcement officials to raid a large California-based pallet theft ring,” he said. “This action not only uncovered iGPS property, but also pallets owned by a number of other companies as well. It subsequently resulted in the filing of at least ten felony and misdemeanor charges.”

The Ohio investigation is still under way.