(Dec. 17) EVERETT, Wash. — The last couple of months have been busy ones for Intermec Technologies Corp.

In early December, Intermec named Raymark Xpert Business Systems, Montreal, to its Premier Solutions Partner Program.

The program will bring together Pocket Xpert, Raymark’s mobile retail management application, with Intermec’s data collection hardware to provide mobile point of service scanning capabilities for retailers.

Raymark’s Pocket Xpert software runs on Intermec’s 700 Series Pocket PC, a handheld computer complete with scanner and built-in wireless networking abilities. Combined, the system can give retailers real-time access to product information in addition to checkout capabilities.

Also in early December, Intermec entered into an agreement to expand its distribution partnership with ScanSource Inc., one of its largest distributors in the U.S., to expand its distribution into all of Europe.

In addition, ScanSource also will take part in joint partner training events and will offer other resellers accreditation from Intermec.

In other news, the company began a global radio frequency identification program designed to accelerate the use of RFID programs in supply chain and industrial areas back in November.

Under the terms of the program, Intermec is offering royalty-bearing licensing for its circuit chips, inlays, tags and readers which are used in RFID programs. In other words, customers who complete license agreements for the equipment with Intermec before June 1 will receive royalty incentives. Those who complete agreements before Feb. 28 will receive permanently reduced royalty rates.

Intermec vice president of product development Richard Mahany said in a news release that Intermec wants to do what ever it can to encourage the use of RFID technology.

“Intermec holds more than 115 RFID patents,” he said. “Through licensing, we can encourage and accelerate market adoption of proven RFID technologies that already meet global standards.”

For more information, visit Intermec online at www.intermec.com or call (905) 673-9333.