(Aug. 5, 5:07 p.m.) Atlanta-based KES Science and Technology Inc. has added to its Web site an informational video on its air sanitation process, AiroCide Perishables Preservative Technology.

AiroCide technology is a photocatylytic air sanitation system and does not use or generate ozone or chemical by-products. The system mineralizes airborne microbes, removes ethylene gas up to 99% and is National Organic Program compliant.

“You can clean your surfaces all day long, but unless you take mold out of the air, you won’t stop its life cycle,” said Charlotte Pietrowski, marketing communication manager.

A study conducted in the Netherlands for an organic fruit processor determined that the purification system reduced airborne contaminants by 96%.

“I think everyone is looking at everything they can possibly do to look at all of their (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and see how they can tighten them up,” Pietrowski said.

The video can be viewed at www.KesScience.com.

KES touts AiroCide sanitation technology on video
The AiroCide system reduced the amount of airborne mold in this supermarket cooler by an average of 89% after 48 hours. It also reduced airborne bacteria by 67% in the same time period, according to KES Science and Technology Inc., the maker of AiroCide.