Columbus, Ohio-based Mettler Toledo’s IND131/331 scale terminals, introduced in October at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, boast a number of features for industrial process weighing, such as processing in fresh produce.

The terminals send out electrical signals to containers where product is loaded.

The signals are bounced back, and the terminals read them and display weight, said Steve Wise, product specialist with Mettler Toledo.

Wise said the IND 131/331 has three features in particular geared to fresh produce processing, starting with speed.

The terminals have process weighing applications that act very quickly when dumping material to a particular weight, he said.

“There’s a very high analog to digital rate, so we can weigh very quickly,” said Wise, who said the terminals can read about 360 weights per second. “The speed of weighing is very important to processing lines … how fast to update, how fast to cut off the valve.”

Secondly, Wise said terminals have a digital device filtering unwanted frequencies and vibrations in the load cells that can affect accurate weighing.

“It uses a mathematical algorithm to factor out unwanted frequencies and vibrations quickly,” he said.

The IND131/331 also has connectivity flexibility, Wise said.

The terminals have the ability for analog output, but also have the ability to connect to process logic controllers, the brains that run automated processing machines. In this way, the terminals can act as weight sensors and make decisions for the loader based on weight.

“There are a lot of different options,” Wise said.

The IND 131/331 also is available in multiple enclosure styles, Wise said, including mounting on a control panel, a metal rail mount, its own stainless steel enclosure and a junction box where it can read multiple load cells.

They’re compact, modular (so they can be adjusted to fit a multitude of processing styles) and easy to integrate and set up.

“It was released in the beginning of October,” Wise said. “We met our target for October, and we’re going to meet it for November, so we’re happy with everything so far.”

Mettler Toledo offers new scale terminals

Courtesy Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo, Columbus, Ohio, offers a line of scale terminals that can be used in fresh produce processing.