(April 2, 4:17 p.m.) Not all perishables are created equal.

Boise, Idaho-based PakSense Inc. has new labels specifically tailored to different produce items.

PakSense changed the name of its TXi label to PakSense Ultra, which tracks and records product time and temperature during shipping. Unlike the TXi, however, the Ultra is now available in durations of 6, 15 or 30 days, said Amy Childress, marketing programs director for PakSense.

The Ultra labels come in four different temperature ranges for produce, extending from 32 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, Childress said.

“Everyone had very specific ranges, and if it wasn’t in the range, we had to program, so it added time to the manufacturing process,” Childress said. “Now, they can order off the shelf, and it’s a really quick turnaround. It’s a simplification.”

Like the TXi, the Ultra is the size of a sugar packet and monitors temperature and collects instantly downloadable data throughout the product’s trip. If the temperature range is breached, a light flashes to alert the operator, Childress said.

There also are new 30- and 60-day Ultra data loggers — common for container shipments and audits — which don’t feature a visual indicator, Childress said.

If a configuration is not available, however, PakSense can customize to meet any temperature span request, Childress said.

The temperature selections established by PakSense for the Ultra were based on the most common ranges ordered by customers, coupled with results from a report published on optimal temperature ranges for perishable items, she said.