Phoenix Technologies, Bowling Green, Ohio, is considering Canada as a market for its technology to make containers with recycled resin on a small scale.

That is closer to reality, after the company received a letter of no objection from Canada's Health Products and Food Branch to bring the process into that country.

"The first step was getting regulatory approval," said Lori Carson, Phoenix Technologies' sales and marketing manager. "So now we can take the next step to where we're going to produce."

Carson said the recycled resin, branded LNO by Phoenix Technologies, can be used in manufacturing deli containers, berry packs and clamshells for other fresh produce items.

"We've figured out a process that produces a recycled material that's more environmentally responsible," Carson said.

Carson said it's not so much the resin material itself that adds to the sustainability of the process, but the size and scale of the operation itself that adds even more to environmental stewardship.

"Because (the process is) smaller, it uses less raw material," she said. "It's economically viable, but on a smaller scale so it can be made in smaller population areas."