Fresno, Calif.-based Sinclair Systems International LLC has developed a variable laser print system the company said will reshape the future of produce labeling.

“The truly unique advantage of lasering directly onto the label is that there is no consumable like a print cartridge or ribbon, and the print is a clean, sharp image comprised of data the label operator inputs,” Bill Hallier, Sinclair’s president and chief executive officer, said in a news release.

The Sinclair Variable Print System was four years in development, the release said. It is targeted at reducing costs for grower-packer-shippers by replacing multiple label designs with a system capable of printing a wide variety of information and data on the labels. The savings from reducing multiple label inventories permit grower-packer-shippers to manage fewer label references and to stock fewer designs, the release said.

The laser system can print any combination of images and data including DataBar codes, Price Look-Up codes, lot numbers and brands or logos. Another advantage of the print system is that it may be bolted to existing Sinclair RM6 applicators with no other modifications.

The variable laser print system is flexible in that as the industry implements the produce traceability initiative the system can provide traceback to the item level, the release said.

The laser print system will be in operation at the Sinclair Systems’ booth at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit International Convention and Exposition in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 2-5, the release said.