(Jan. 28, 1:25 p.m.) Available previously only on a custom basis, Temkin International, Payson, Utah, now is offering its line of NatureFlex gusseted bags in seven stock sizes.

According to a spokesman for the company, the versatility of those sizes and design of the bags make them perfect for packaging a wide variety of fresh produce items.

“NatureFlex is fairly new,” said Joe Bradford, sales manager at Temkin. “But single finger and double finger bananas have gone into (the bags). Bell peppers, cut apples have gone into them.

“We stay away from things like mushrooms and citrus, because the bags are so airtight, there can be moisture buildup. But carrots, beets … even cucumbers we could get to work.”

NatureFlex gusseted bags are made mostly from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, making them made mostly from renewable resources. The cellulose material is naturally biodegradable. When properly composted, the bags will biodegrade in as little as 15 weeks. Given the film’s unique cellulose composition, NatureFlex bags also are recyclable with paper inputs.

NatureFlex gusseted bags are heat sealable and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use with food items.

“It’s probably safe to say between 20% to 25% of our business is in produce and fresh-cut,” Bradford said.

Bradford added that the smallest-size NatureFlex bag would hold about 8 ounces, “something that might hold ginger roots or garlic cloves.”

The largest bags could hold up to a dozen apples, Bradford said.