(UPDATED COVERAGE, May 10) A Wisconsin packaging material maker has introduced a new environmentally friendly breathable mesh.

UPDATED: Volm introduces eco-friendly mesh

Volm Companies

Ultratech mesh, a product of Antigo-based Volm Companies, maintains breathability but requires fewer materials and saves on transportation costs, said Mike Vierzba, the company’s business development and marketing manager.

The material is currently being test-marketed with fresh citrus and potato shippers, and an onion trial could soon follow, Vierzba said.

Ultratech mesh is lighter and has less volume, meaning that 50% more bags can be shipped per truck than other mesh materials. And twice as many Ultratech bags can be packed per pallet.

Despite weighing less, Ultratech mesh is just as stronger as heavier meshes, Vierzba said.

Ultratech has a distinctive diamond pattern and is available in many colors, making it stand out. The material is available in pre-made bags and on high-capacity rolls, works with automatic closures and is easy to label.