(March 22) Volm Cos. Inc., Antigo, Wis., has expanded with the acquisition of Pasco, Wash.-based Columbia Packaging LLC.

“We value this market out here and would like to expand,” said Benjamin Feinn, Volm’s chief executive officer.

Columbia had been a distributor of Volm products since 1999. Feinn said the combined efforts of the two companies will allow them to expand the reach of Columbia and enhance Volm’s ability to serve the fresh produce industry.

Volm manufactures and distributes produce packaging and also manufactures Volmpack packaging machinery. The company also has sales offices in Atlanta and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Volm, which is known for its poly, mesh and paper bag products, dropped the word bags from its name last year.

“That reflects the breadth of operations Volm has expanded into,” Feinn said, “and where we want to go in the future.”

The company will start with Columbia. Feinn said Volm is hiring a general manager to direct Columbia’s locations in Pasco, Burlington, Wash., and Merrill, Ore. Volm, however, retained all of Columbia’s employees, and the acquisition is not expected to alter Columbia’s product line, Feinn said.