Avocados From Mexico offers retailers secondary displays.
Avocados From Mexico offers retailers secondary displays.

Avocados aren’t just for guacamole anymore.

Avocados From Mexico is centering its new marketing campaign around the idea that avocados offer so much more.

The marketing agency, jointly formed and financed by the Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association and Mexican Avocado Producers & Packers, will draw upon a $36 million budget this year to launch the organization’s first fully integrated U.S. campaign.

The effort’s overall goal is to make avocados a sought-after fruit, grow the Avocados From Mexico brand, and elevate the overall category, chief marketing officer Kathleen Triou said in an e-mail.

Consumer campaigns

The agency also designed its campaign to differentiate Mexican avocados from those grown in other regions by emphasizing freshness, flavor and year-round availability.

The consumer and retail programs tie into several sports and holiday promotions, such as football season, the Winter Olympics, spring brunch and Cinco de Mayo.

The agency also scheduled sonsumer public relations programs to support in-store promotions.

Avocados From Mexico also has a strong foodservice program, complete with a new advertising campaign, public relations, video series and event marketing.

The new consumer campaign focuses on expanding Avocados From Mexico’s target audience further into the millennial generation — those younger than 30. It also encourages consumers who are already eating avocados to increase their consumption habits.

To do that, the campaign is rooted in education and will showcase health benefits, cooking options and creative recipes using fresh avocados.

Marketing efforts are aimed at medium to heavy avocado users, which represent about 61% of all avocado consumers, according to MRI data. The two segments eat 22 to 78 avocados per year and share many of the same perceptions and behaviors, such as seeking out fresh ingredients, paying attention to health and nutrition, and loving to cook.

“The goal of our program is to move the avocado from an occasional treat to an everyday essential in the minds of the medium and heavy avocado consumers,” Triou said. “This mind shift is more in line with the way super-heavy avocado users already perceive fresh avocados in their lifestyle and dietary selections.”

While the super-heavy segment comprises only 24% of all users, super-heavy users purchase an average of 172 avocados per year, accounting for 57% of overall volume.

Focusing on events

Avocados From Mexico timed the inaugural marketing campaign kickoff to coincide with post-season baseball. The Avo All-Stars campaign was to activate during the fall, just as avocados from Mexico increase in supply and other avocado sources decline.

The campaign also will focus on other key events during the late fall and winter, including Christmas/Feliz Navidad and New Year’s, as well as college and National Football League playoffs.

Avocados From Mexico plans to take a similar approach with key late spring and summer events, including Cinco de Mayo, Triou said.

During the Feliz Navidad campaign later this fall, for example, Avocados From Mexico will partner with Modelo beer in joint retail displays.

Point-of-sale materials will include display bins and signs with coupon tear pads good for a $3 savings on a 12-pack of Modelo if the shopper buys three avocados from Mexico. In lieu of a beer purchase, the coupon offers $2 instant savings on any fresh pork purchase of $5 or more with the purchase of three Mexican avocados.

The football and winter sports campaign seeks to position fresh avocados as part of the ultimate game-day spread. It involves retail partnerships with Mission chips & tortillas and Cholula hot sauce, as well as sweepstakes and coupon offers.

Much like earlier programs, the winter sports and football effort will include themed display bins and POS materials. Participating retailers can also opt into six weeks of in-store radio announcements planned for 10,000 stores. Additionally, Avocados From Mexico plans 30 retail display contests.