Citrus promotions are popular around the holidays at the end of the year, but January and February offer promotable seasons as well.

“Chinese New Year is another peak period for citrus promotions,” said Ray Prewett, president of Mission-based Texas Citrus Mutual.

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers offers a themed 10-pound carton featuring Year of the Horse graphics, as well as a Lunar New Year carton featuring the traditional red envelope and coins, said Joan Wickham, manager of advertising and public relations.

“These cartons have been very popular among customers in our Asian export markets, and have also gained traction domestically,” Wickham said.

Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s Inc., places a strong retail focus on promoting citrus for this time of year.

“This is a wonderful time to promote winter citrus,” said Karen Caplan, president and chief executive officer. “Not only are they at peak season, they play a major part in Chinese New Year celebrations.”

Colorful citrus fruits such as oranges, mandarins and kumquats symbolize wealth, making them perfect for gifts as part of this celebration.

Featuring these items can be especially effective when paired with marketing materials to support the idea that these fruits symbolize good luck.

“Frieda’s recommends merchandising Asian citrus items, like pummelos, mandarins and kumquats, as part of your regular winter citrus displays, and highlight that they bring good luck in the New Year. Highlighting this during the 15 days of the Chinese New Year festival will create added impulse sales,” Caplan said.

In addition to citrus, retailers can pair other Asian inspired items together for this time of year because it also plays into the idea of trying to eat healthier at this time of year.

“In addition to the holiday itself, vegetable-centered Asian cuisine is a hot trend for those looking to eat better in 2014,” Caplan said.

Others agreed January is a good time for citrus promotions because many consumers resolve to start eating healthier or lose weight for the new year.

Trent Bishop, vice president of sales for Lone Star Citrus Growers, Mission, Texas, said January is a popular time to promote grapefruit.

“A lot of retailers do promotions in relation to healthy eating,” he said.

After January, Valentine’s Day can also be a popular time, said Robert Schueller, director of public relations for World Variety Produce, Los Angeles.

Cara cara oranges, which Schueller described as being similar to a pink navel, are a fun item to promote around Valentine’s Day.

“Those can be a tie-in because of the pink color, as well as the blood oranges, which are red,” Schueller said.