ORLANDO, Fla. — The Avocado Producers & Exporting Packers Association of Michoacán is gearing up for fall and winter promotions, including its Super Bowl push.

APEAM tackles California promo, plans Super Bowl sweepstakes

Ashley Bentley

APEAM offers a side-stack display it encourages retailers to use to merchandise avocados in areas outside the produce department, especially in meat and seafood.

The association is running a new ad campaign in consumer lifestyle magazines, along with advertisements on American and Hispanic TV and radio stations for eight weeks starting in November.

APEAM also plans to take a different approach to its promotional efforts in California, focusing on a higher-end consumer.

“It’s the second time ever we’ve done an avocado campaign there,” said Emiliano Escobedo, marketing director. “Our strategy is we’re targeting a little higher-end consumer that is longing for quality. It’s sort of counter intuitive to what most think.”

Escobedo said most seem to think the association should target the Hispanic audience there, but his goal this year is to get higher-end retailers to really showcase Avocados from Mexico. During California’s avocado season, Mexican fruit is usually the more expensive product, so Escobedo said the goal is not to go to discount retailers looking for price.

“Avocados from Mexico are very distinct,” Escobedo said. “Mexico is where avocados originated, and it’s the only place in the world where a single tree will bud up to four times a year.”

For the Super Bowl of Feb. 6, the association plans a promotion called, “What Makes Your Guac Rock,” Escobedo said. The promotion is planned to include a sweepstakes and social media components.

Escobedo said the association also is working more direct with both retailers and consumers on their avocado-related issues. Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, allows the association to directly answer consumers’ questions about when an avocado is ripe or how to use it.

The association’s category management-type services allow it to consult with retailers on how to merchandise avocados.

“We have secondary displays made so all you do is drop the box in and you’re ready,” Escobedo said. “Retailers are able to display avocados in the meat and seafood department and get impulse purchases.”

The company also showcased at Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Summit 2010 a bag display that could be used anywhere in the store.