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Banana promo 101: Build your successful display

04/08/2002 12:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Ashby


Let consumers know in advance that a banana promotion is coming. As they anticipate the event, excitement will build and consumers will remember when they need to hit your store for the best deals.

In-store circulars can be the simplest way to spread the word. Adams says the Auchan ads promoting the banana sale are written four or five weeks in advance. Lund says retailers sell twice as many bananas during a promotion if the ad includes the Chiquita brand and logo.

When promoting specialty bananas, Utchell says it is important to advertise in store fliers. He says retailers should treat the specialty bananas differently in the ad by drawing more attention to them and giving usage ideas, examples of how they taste and information on how to select ones that are ripe.

Radio and television also offer avenues for advertising. Chiquita has used radio support for major events like the company’s annual summer program, and Lund says he has seen retailers use television commercials to highlight the promotions.

Tabard, however, says television is expensive and most stores stick to advertising through fliers or radio spots.

During the promotion, you also could make use of your store’s public address system. Adams says the stores make several announcements luring consumers to the banana promotion.

No matter which type of advertising you choose, Loughridge says there are certain messages you should highlight in your ad. He suggests advertising bananas’ health benefits, their portability for consumers on the go, their value and their versatility.


When the time has arrived to build your banana display, be creative. Think about what would catch the eye and make purchasing bananas fun.

There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to promotional banana displays, but almost all suppliers say it should be in the front of the produce department to instantly attract consumers.

“If bananas provide somewhere around 10 percent of produce sales, the display space should be at least 10 percent of what the store has available,” Loughridge says.

Lund suggests expanding your everyday display by 15 percent to 20 percent. That can be done by adding to the original space using graphic boxes or other produce racks and equipment, or by building a secondary display either in the department or another location in the store.

Tabard recommends building the display twice as large as you normally would. She says waterfalls and winged displays help catch shoppers’ eyes and increase impulse buying. Utchell also suggests using overflow tactics and placing the display on an endcap.

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