Tyler, Texas-based Brookshire Grocery Co. wants to help busy parents looking for quick, healthful meals.

The retailer launched Celebrate Cooking, a monthly magazine that features recipes, tips and promotional items in May 2007 for just that reason.

Brookshire offers healthful tips in monthly magazine

Maggie Griffin, Brookshire’s consumer nutrition specialist, said the magazine presents information that uses ingredients shoppers are comfortable using, with basic techniques, to make easy, healthful meals.

“We always have at least one page dealing with produce, and often feature it throughout the pages because we try to focus on healthy recipes — and produce is very healthy,” Griffin said. “We try to appeal to folks who aren’t terribly experienced in the kitchen and will only try something if it looks simple enough for them to pull it off.”

The magazine is available in store or on the company’s Web site at www.brookshires.com.