Cecelia Packing Corp., a California citrus-grower-shipper, is about to put a friendly face on its mandarin packaging.

Cecelia Packing adds 'Dimples' to mandarin packaging

The new feature is Dimples, a character targeted at young shoppers.

“Our goal is to get kids to eat more fruit and introducing Dimples is a delicious and fun way to accomplish that,” said Randy Jacobson, sales manager.

Young shoppers will be able to follow Dimples and her adventures on Facebook and Twitter, he said.

Shipping of the Dimples-decorated mandarin packages is scheduled to begin in mid-March, Jacobson said. The mandarin marketing program at Orange Cove-based Cecelia Packing is three years old, which he said is just a start.

“It’s really in its infancy for us,” Jacobson said. “We have quite a few of them planted and over the next five years the program’s volume will increase significantly.”

Cecelia Packing has begun sharing the Dimples packaging concept with retailers.

“We’ve had a very strong response from our retail customers and even from our wholesale customers,” Jacobson said.

The company grows several mandarin varieties and is currently packing gold nuggets.

“Of course, I’m a little prejudiced, but it’s the best tasting mandarin we’ve come across,” Jacobson said.

Cecelia Packing also markets navels, minneolas and valencias under the Cecelia’s Pride label and cara caras under the Cecelia’s Cara Caras brand. Navels from one of California’s oldest citrus groves are packed under the Sky Valley Heirloom label.

Keith Wilson joined the company in early February to help market all of its citrus varieties. He was vice president of sales and marketing for Sunny Cove Citrus, Orange Cove, until the company was acquired by another Orange Cove-based citrus grower-shipper, Booth Ranches LLC. More recently, Wilson was with Flavor Tree Fruit Co. LLC, Hanford, Calif.