Auckland, New Zealand-based ENZA sponsored SUVs singing the praises of Jazz apples in August.

Drivers stopped at retail outlets and parks in Dallas, and Portland, Ore., giving out samples and gifts.

“It is funny to watch people as they take their first bite of Jazz,” said David Nelley, apple and pear category director for The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, in a news release. “Without fail we see faces light up. Some shoppers are really busy or in a hurry. They pick up an apple slice politely and quickly walk off. And more often than not, after they take a bite they will spin around and hurry back to learn more about this special apple.”

Oppenheimer, which is ENZA’s exclusive North American marketing partner, updated Twitter with schedules and used Facebook to promote events, according to the release.

“Social media engages people about anything and everything, so why not apples?” Nelley said in the release.

The New Zealand apples are in season through early fall, and Oppenheimer starts shipping Washington’s Jazz crop Nov. 1, according to the release.

Consumers Jazzed about apple

Courtesy of The Oppenheimer Group

Brand ambassador Laurie Branch shares a taste of New Zealand Jazz apples with shoppers in Portland, Ore. A summer promotion for the apple variety focused on Portland and Dallas.