Nogales, Ariz.-based Cris-P Produce Co. Inc. adopted a new name to match its “Wholesum” image.

Now called Wholesum Family Farms, the company plans to start marketing under the Wholesum Harvest label, said Ricardo Crisantes, general manager. The company previously marketed its produce under the Cris-P and Natura Organic brands.

As the company transitioned its greenhouse growing operations from conventional to organic, it phased out the Cris-P name and started using Natura Organic as its brand.

Wholesum Family Farms is a natural progression of that, Crisantes said.

“We wanted one word that could put together all the characteristics of natural, healthy and fresh, and wholesome represented all of those characteristics,” Crisantes said. “We started playing around with whole and sum as the aggregate and that’s how we got Wholesum Harvest.”

The company plans to launch a new website on Oct. 16 along with a social media campaign to reach out to consumers, retailers and the produce industry at large at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Orlando.

Wholesum Family farms ships Mexican-grown organic tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, mangoes and squash.

Cris-P Produce rebrands to Wholesum Family Farms