Ten products have been nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2011.

The award pays tribute to outstanding fruit and vegetable products and services that have had a positive impact on the trade and were introduced to the market between Nov. 1, 2009, and Oct. 31.

Attendees to Fruit Logistica will get to vote for the top innovation during the first two days of the trade show, Feb. 9-11. An award ceremony is planned for 2:30 p.m. Feb. 11.

Almond Mushroom
Prime Champ Sales BV, Netherlands

Hall 21, Stand F-08

Website: www.primechamp.com

The Almond Mushroom is a variety of mushroom with a distinctive almond/aniseed aroma that until now has only generally been available in dried form. It contains unusually high levels of natural antioxidants, minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and fiber and is at the same time low in calories.

The Almond Mushroom is available in diameters of 40-60 millimeters in punnets of about 120 grams It has good keeping qualities. Availability and packing sizes can be adjusted to customers’ requirements. It was introduced to the market in September.

Angelle baby plum tomato
Syngenta Seeds BV, Netherlands
Hall 1.2, Stand D-08

Website: www.syngenta.com

Angelle is a new variety of mini plum tomato with a date-like shape. It can be produced in greenhouses throughout the season with very consistent quality.

Angelle is the result of Syngenta’s concept of developing taste-specific genetics to breed better and more distinctive products to meet the specific needs of retailers and consumers.

The market potential of Angelle was confirmed by consumer research in several countries and also in tests by retailers such as Marks & Spencers and Sainsbury’s.

Angelle’s shape, small size and attractive presentation make it a popular snack. It was introduced to the market in April.

BIOX-M potato sprout inhibitor
XEDA International, France
Hall 3.1, Stand D-11

Website: www.xeda.com

BIOX-M is a natural sprout inhibitor for potatoes that can be used to combat and treat existing sprouts on potatoes, leaving no synthetic residues. Beside of its sprout inhibition capabilities, BIOX-M is also an active fungicide and bactericide against principal diseases attacking tubers including silver scurf, rhizoctonia, dartrose and to a certain extent erwinia.

BIOX-M is different to other sprout inhibitors available on the market in that it is a 100% natural product without artificial additives. Its excellent antisprouting capability is at least equivalent to chlorinated synthetic products.

Potatoes treated with BIOX-M can be stored at temperatures higher than 46 degrees. This helps to prevent sugar formation and reduces carcinogenic compounds (acrylamide) produced when frying. Packaging size: 20 liter PE-HD canister. It was introduced to the market in November.

Jamie Oliver Grow Your Own products
GASA Group Denmark A/S, Denmark
Hall 1.2, Stand A-10

Website: www.gasagroup.com

The Jamie Oliver Grow Your Own line is a range of simple grow-your-own products in branded packaging containing a growing kit with seeds, growing material, pots and tips and recipes from Jamie Oliver.

The line includes herbs (basil, dill, chives, and parsley), cress (mustard cress, radish cress, rocket cress, and garden cress) and brown mushrooms.

All Jamie Oliver product packaging contains a QR code for smartphone scanning with a link to jamieoliver.com for further recipes and pod cast downloads.

The Jamie Oliver Grow Your Own product series uses Jamie Oliver’s lifestyle image to encourage consumers to cook and eat healthy, own grown food. It was introduced to the market in the fall.

Limeburst Fingerlimes
Limeburst Fingerlimes, Australia
Hall 3.2, Stand A-14

Website: www.fingerlime.com

Fingerlimes are an unusual variety of Australian citrus that retain their juice in caviar-like vesicles. The juice bursts free from the vesicles when chewed producing a slightly acidic, lime-like taste unique to the fingerlime. The “citrus caviar” is attractive as a decorative ingredient in food preparation.

Although a traditional product, fingerlimes have only recently been developed for marketing on an international scale, and are targeted chiefly at the high-end restaurant and foodservice sector as a novel and unique product that can be a key taste accompaniment to both complex and simple dishes.

Limeburst Fingerlimes are available in four varieties – Limeburst Green, Limeburst Burgundy, Limeburst Pink and Limeburst Black. These varieties have fruit caviar that is opaque, deep red, pink and bright green respectively. The fingerlime is the size and shape of a finger, between 10-17 centimeters in length, and weighs 25-30 grams. It was introduced to the market in the spring.

Resealable Freshness Salad Bag
Florette SAS
Hall 22, Stand C-02

Website: www.florette.com

The Resealable Freshness Salad Bag is a new reclosable plastic bag specially developed with a zipper-type fastener for fresh-cut salads. The bags are 100% airtight after resealing.

Florette’s Resealable Freshness Salad Bag concept includes the selection of the best seeds, special care during harvesting and processing and the airtight zipper-packaging system that allows the salad bag to be opened and closed more than once.

Baby leaf products available in the new resealable bag include lambs lettuce, baby spinach and rocket as well as duo and multiple mixes.

Rockit apple variety
Plant & Food Research, New Zealand
Hall 6.2, Stand D-23

Website: www.plantandfood.co.nz

Rockit is a new apple variety which has been specially bred for its small size, firm, crisp flesh and sweet, balanced taste. It is visually very distinctive, not just because of its high red color but also because of its innovative packaging. The exclusive licensee, Havelock North Fruit Co. in New Zealand, has developed a plastic tube packaging containing five apples.

Alternatives available next season will include smaller tubes of three and four apples, as well as a larger tube of six apples. These will be targeted at specific market segments, such as children’s snacks, convenience stores and other market segments.

Rockit brand apples are normally available in the range between 57 millimeters and 63 millimeters in diameter. They weigh between 78 grams and 100 grams. It was introduced to the market in June.

StoreNSure Pear
NSure BV, Netherlands
Hall 5.2, Stand A-09

Website: www.nsure.nl

StoreNSure Pear is a genetically based testing method that can predict whether a batch of conference pears is likely to loose its firmness or develop internal browning or cavity during long-term storage.

NSure expects to launch StoreNSure Apple for Pink Lady in 2011, and the product will be extended over the next few years to include other pear varieties and apples.

The test is carried out by taking a sample harvest time and sending a small quantity of juice on a special card to the NSure laboratory. After analyzing the gene activity, NSure provides a report within two days on the future characteristics of the fruit.

Until recently, it was only possible to study the current characteristics of a fruit as it is at the moment of testing. Predictive assessment was impossible. Growers and packers can now know which batch is likely to experience storage problems and make decisions on packing and distribution accordingly.

The product was developed and tested in cooperation with three main Dutch fruit auctions. A patent is pending. It was launched into the market in June.

Sweet Resistants
Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti, Italy
Hall 4.2, Stand C-03

Website: www.civ.it

Sweet Resistants is a line of five patented apple varieties that sweet and also are resistant to scab.

Existing resistant varieties are almost all bitter-tasting and not popular with consumers.

Sweet Resistants offer a range of different ripening times, can be grown alongside traditional varieties and are suited to a wide range of growing conditions.

Gaia and Gemini are early ripening varieties with ruby red skin – Gaia is striped, while Gemini has a uniform color. Renoir has a rustic look, with yellow coloring and russeting over 50% to 60% of the surface. Its flavor is similar to Renette. Smeralda has a green color and a slightly acid flavor, similar to granny smith but sweeter and more fragrant. Fujion is similar to fuji with a red color and well-defined stripes over almost the entire surface. Its flesh is crispy, juicy and intensely sweet.

The line was introduced in October.

Sweet Sensation
The Greenery BV, Netherlands
Hall 3.2, Stand A-05

Website: www.thegreenery.com

The Sweet Sensation is a new club variety pear with an attractive red skin and an extremely sweet, fresh taste.

The Sweet Sensation is a club variety, marketed worldwide with a uniform brand concept and visual identity. Licensed growers follow clear guidelines in terms of quality and food safety during production. They also closely monitor total volumes grown in order to guarantee a good balance between supply and demand all year round.

Average size: 75-5. Characteristic comice shape. Base color: green-yellow. Blush color: striped, red to deep red. 40% to 70% blush. Pulp color: ivory (cream to yellowish white). Brix level: greater than 12. This product was launched in November.

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