Two leading market analysts have joined forces to provide research tailored to the fresh produce industry.

Fusion Marketing, NPD Group create produce-specific reports


Chatsworth, Calif.-based Fusion Marketing and Port Washington, N.Y.-based NPD Group Inc. are developing and marketing customized and syndicated research and reports targeted at fresh fruits and vegetables, said Steven Muro, Fusion’s president.

“Using NPD Group’s rich data sets and Fusion Marketing’s produce-specific analytical skills, we will deliver reports and research that combine the consumer’s retail purchase behavior and subsequent consumption patterns,” Muro said.

Those consumption patterns will include what time of day produce is consumed; the age, gender and income level of the consumer; which foods are eaten with produce; how the fruit or vegetable is prepared; historical consumption trends; and more, Muro said.

“By combining consumption patterns and retail purchase behavior, we can target specific consumer segments to build consumption, increase promotional effectiveness and develop marketing strategies,” he said.