MONTREAL — Naples, Fla.-based Naturipe Farms is taking its Berry Quick Snacks to a larger distribution.

The blueberries, first introduced in the fall, are washed and packed in 1.5-ounce servings in modified atmosphere packaging. The packaging gives them a three-week shelf life, said Robert Verloop, vice president of sales. They are sold in a 3-pack retailing for $3-4.

Naturipe offers Berry Quick Snacks

Courtesy Naturipe

Naturipe offers Berry Quick Snacks


The company displayed the berry snacks at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s expo floor April 14-15.

“They’re the perfect size for lunches for kids to take to school,” Verloop said. “Because of the enhanced shelf life there’s not a lot of shrink.”

The company also is offering a foodservice pack of blueberries, making it easy for operators to add fresh blueberries to dishes without a lot of prep work.

Naturipe also added a 3-pound strawberry clamshell to its lineup.

“With freight what it is, our goal is to get more fruit per pallet,” Verloop said.

Larger pack sizes also are appealing to consumers, especially during peak season.

Local berry program

This summer, Naturipe plans to continue its focus on local programs. The company is in all of the major growing regions and offers merchandising materials tailored to those regions.

Brian Jenny, East Coast business development director, said he’s working with select retailers to host events, some featuring country music star Billy Dean, in stores in the Southeastern U.S.

The local events also tie in to Naturipe’s new packaging. With a three-dimensional, softer look, the company went with a more traditional graphic concept, Verloop said.

“It’s a lot less contemporary,” he said. “It’s still vibrant, but it has that simple look and connects growers with being good stewards of the land.”

Each variety of berry features a different shade; red for strawberries, pink for raspberries and shades of purple for blueberries and blackberries.