MONTREAL — New Zealand-based Enza is bringing the Envy apple to the North American market in a larger scale this season.

Marketed by The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, Envy comes from the same cross, royal gala and braeburn, as the company’s Jazz apple.

Jazz has a lighter color and yellow accents, and Envy is a deep red color, especially popular with Asian markets, said Tim Jacometti, export manager for Delica Global, Torrance, Calif.

“This apple has consistently the same flavor,” Jacometti said. “That’s what Asia really wants — a bright, red large crisp apple that stores well.”

David Nelley, pipfruit category manager for The Oppenheimer Group, said the Envy’s larger size appeals to more consumers.

“These are peaking on 80s, where Jazz peaks at 100,” he said. “This also is appealing to retailers.”

Envy’s New Zealand season is June and July and the Washington fruit is available in November and December.

Quantities are limited, Nelley said. The apples are shipping to select retailers in western Canada and Northern California.

Oppenheimer Group brings Envy apple to U.S.

Courtesy The Oppenheimer Group