March is National Nutrition Month, and the Produce for Better Health Foundation is urging retailers to give extra attention to their produce departments.

The Hockessin, Del.-based foundation changes the way it does things in honor of National Nutrition Month, gearing its pro-fruit and vegetable consumption communications more to consumers, helping retailers do the same thing.

Retail donors receive access free resources, including point-of-sale materials, recipes and signs they can download and print, said Jill LeBrasseur, communications specialist.

Retailers can also help generate more interest in fruits and vegetables with events at stores, including the Take Your Kids to the Supermarket promotion and Supermarket School Tours, for which PBH provides planning and implementation materials.

“We’d like to remind retailers, especially for March, that they can use these,” LeBrasseur said.

March isn’t the only month PBH bolsters its focus its media campaigns targeting consumers, LeBrasseur said. The foundation is sending out news releases and media announcements weekly to try to generate some consumer press.

“I really hope that it does have a bump in sales, but what I’d really like to see if a bump and then see it stay at that level,” she said.

For donors, the downloadable materials, including a PBH catalog, retail toolkit and a suppliers’ toolkit, are available at

PBH readies retailers for National Nutrition Month