As Sunflower Farmers Market enters a new state, the Boulder, Colo.-based retailer cleared up some old business.

The company acquired the rights to the Sunflower Farmers Market name from Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Supervalu Inc.

This clears the way to rebrand its Texas stores from Newflower Farmers Market to Sunflower Farmers Market, as well as rebranding its store brand.

Chris Sherrell, president and chief operating officer of the company, said Supervalu leased the rights for stores in five states about eight years ago. The retailers were unable to come to an agreement about the rights to the name as the Southwestern small format retailer expanded.

“To not have the full rights of your name was starting to be a bit of a problem here and there, especially when it came to private labels,” he said.

Supervalu briefly opened a Sunflower Market small format store in 2006. The banner had five stores in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois before they were closed in early 2008.

The company also plans to open its first store in California, in the Sacramento suburb of Roseville. The new store is scheduled to open in April.

Sherrell said the company hopes to expand its number of stores from 30 to around 40 in the coming year.