(Oct. 8) After just one year of serving as general manager of Growers Express LLC, Salinas, Calif., Jamie Strachan has been elevated to president and chief executive officer.

Strachan came to Growers Express in June 2006, succeeding Randy Breschini, president, who left with three other company executives. Previously Strachan worked at Pacific State Asset Management, where he was a principal and served six years as a financial and risk management adviser to Growers Express and other partner-affiliated companies.

His new role at Growers Express began Sept. 25.

“I wanted to keep expectations low,” he said of his general manager title, “and even though I took the responsibilities that go along with the president and CEO titles, I preferred to be treated as a general manager until we could get back to a family focus on the business, but the general manager title doesn’t resonate the same with people as does president.”

He said his responsibilities have not significantly changed.

“The owners were heavily involved when I began, and over time they’ve gone back to their core responsibilities and left me to manage,” he said. “So it’s even more appropriate now that I be called president and CEO because of the added levels of responsibility and less involvement of the ownership.”

After joining Growers Express, Strachan began to actively promote nutritional awareness to company employees and surrounding communities.

“I worked with the HELP (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Principles Inc.) campaign in Salinas,” he said. “I’ve been heavily involved in a wellness campaign internally where we do screenings and promote a healthy environment for employees and the community through lifestyle (and) eating principles.”

HELP is a nonprofit organization founded by Basil Mills, president of Mills Family Farms.