The Boston and Philadelphia terminal markets are back to near normal in the wake of the massive snowstorm that hit the East Coast on Dec. 26, but New York’s Hunts Point Terminal Market is still digging out.

“It’s taken longer than we wanted it to,” said Michael D’Arrigo of D'Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York Inc. “Our guys are putting in very long days waiting to get into the market, negotiating the streets and waiting to get back out.”

There are signs of progress, however.

Deliveries and shipments in and out of Hunts Point were closer to normal Dec. 29, D’Arrigo said, than the previous day when the terminal’s gates were closed off and on to avoid congestion.

Conditions are back to operating levels at the Boston Market Terminal, said Phyllis Vigoda in the accounting department at The Peter Condakes Co.

“I’m having no trouble getting in and out,” she said. “It’s just business as usual.”

Advance planning was the key at the new Philadelphia Fresh Food Terminal, said Dan Kane, assistant manager.

Snow clearing began at noon Dec. 26, and crews worked continuously until the following afternoon, he said. As a result, the Philadelphia terminal has operated smoothly.

“We didn’t have to reduce hours at all,” Kane said. “We kept our scheduled hours for deliveries and for customers.”