(May 31) Frog Hollow Farm’s customer base is expected to increase significantly, now that Harvest Sensations is handling Frog Hollow’s distribution.

Pro*Act Specialties, marketer of the Harvest Sensations label with facilities in Los Angeles and Miami — will distribute Frog Hollow products through its Harvest Sensations Direct program, which ships overnight to chefs, and the ProAct network, which consists of 70 distribution centers nationwide, said Dean Simon, president of Pro*Act Specialties.

Previously, Frog Hollow Farms, Brentwood, Calif., supplied only high-end retailers, but now, its commodities will funnel into retailers, foodservice and manufacturing companies all over the U.S., Simon said.

“It’s really going to allow Frog Hollow to be utilized in areas that weren’t feasible before,” Simon said of the relationship. “It was a very limited distribution before because they have very fragile, high-sugar content fruit. Having us handle allows it to get anywhere within a few days.”

The agreement was completed May 11, and Harvest Sensations will handle Frog Hollow’s numerous organic commodities, including peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, apricots and cherries, as well as its purees and conserves, Simon said.