A jury in the U.S. District Court in Eastern Washington has awarded Yakima, Wash.-based Borton & Sons Inc. $770,000 in a lawsuit against California-based Novazone Inc., previously known as Purfresh Inc.

The judgment was announced in mid-March in a lawsuit filed in February 2008 relating to damage to apples from the use of Purfresh ozone generating and monitoring equipment in seven Borton & Sons controlled atmosphere storage rooms in 2004.

Damage to apples marketed in the 2004-05 crop year resulting from the application of the ozone to the storage rooms affected their marketability, the court said.

It is not known if Novazone Inc. will appeal.

Seattle-based lawyer August Cifelli, with Lee Smart Cook Martin & Patterson PS and representing Novazone Inc., declined immediate comment about the case.

John Borton, principal with Borton & Sons Inc., also declined immediate comment on the judgment.