(Oct. 19) To help get more fruits and vegetables into the hands of school children, the Produce for Better Health Foundation, Wilmington, Del., has declared support for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

The alliance, based in New York and founded in May 2005 through a partnership of the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, works to help schools choose healthier foods through its Competitive Foods Guidelines and Healthy Schools Product Navigator.

“Mostly what they want to do is to be able to help schools identify which products are good products to carry,” said Elizabeth Pivonka, PBH president.

Pivonka said most of the foods the alliance has approved on their guidelines include processed products from food manufacturers.

To date, there is no fresh produce on the list. Pivonka said the alliance is looking for companies that provide convenience products like fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

“They had already made contact with Dole, but they just didn’t know all of the fruit and vegetable industry, and we do,” Pivonka said.

PBH’s benefit will be that the alliance plans to direct schools to the Fruits and Veggies — More Matters Web site for educational information rather than producing its own, Pivonka said.

Companies interested in working with the alliance can contact PBH or visit the alliance’s Web site, www.healthiergeneration.org.