NEW YORK — A.J. Trucco Inc. is seeing another successful year promoting Italian kiwifruit in cooperation with the European Flavors promotional effort.

The fifth year of the promotion is seeing higher retail participation, said J.C. Barros, Trucco’s marketing director.

The distributor is working with retailers throughout the East Coast promoting the fruit via in-store promotions that include samplings, point-of-sale material and a website.

“The campaign has yielded great results and has translated to increasing sales of Italian kiwifruit this season,” Barros said.

“It has increased the awareness of the commodity amongst consumers. The samplings have helped educate the consumers on how to eat the fruit and what the flavor is like,” he said.

The promotion includes a questionnaire for shippers to provide feedback to growers and distributors and directs consumers to a website,, where shoppers can discover more information.

Funded by Italian growers, the government of Italy and the European Union’s European Flavors program, the program is running in the U.S., Russia and Japan.

Trucco is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the promotion, which began in February and runs through April.

Trucco imports and distributes kiwi, garlic, grapes and chestnuts throughout the East Coast.