Judging from its consumer promotions and marketing efforts, one would never guess the parent group of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market plans to pull the El Segundo, Calif.-based company out of the U.S.

Fresh & Easy hangs onIn May, the company introduced more than 45 fresh lunch items and frozen entrees.

Lunch selections include a new line of salads, wraps and sandwiches created by Fresh & Easy chefs and delivered to stores daily.

They include a chicken and pesto sunblushed tomato sandwich, broccoli kale crunch salad and mandarin almond wheatberry salad.

The company held a TGIF promotion during May, offering customers a “special free item to make the start of their weekends even easier” every Friday.

The promotion came on the heels of a new marketing campaign, complete with catchy jingles, that highlights “what makes Fresh & Easy so easy.”

In July, the company unveiled its Fresh & Easy Street Fair, which will travel to select locations in California, Arizona and Nevada through September.

The street fair features Fresh & Easy’s first food truck, which will serve free menu items made from Fresh & Easy products. Offerings include Thai turkey lettuce wraps and mango carnitas stuffed peppers.

Tesco, Fresh & Easy’s England-based owner, said early this year that the chain of 200 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona would be exiting the U.S.

But the chain is not leaving quietly.

Spokesman Brendan Wonnacott said that, although the company is for sale, there are “no plans to shut (down) the business.”

“We’re still working hard to bring our customers a great shopping trip every day,” he said.