Montreal-based wholesale and import company J.B. Laverdure Inc. is constructing a headquarters and an organic program.

Laverdure’s 120,000-square-foot building, now under construction on the site of the company’s original home, should be ready by spring, said Pierre Pepin, vice president of sales and marketing.


The century-old company also is about to become the newest player on Montreal’s organic scene, joining Aliments Bercy and organic pioneer Gaetan Bono.

“Novobio is a brand new concept,” said Pepin, who spent a year working with an organic greenhouse during his 30 years in the industry.

“After three months of testing, we’ve chosen 120 items to wrap individually in a microperforated film,” he said.

Most organic products in Montreal are sold in a cup or tray, which means they can’t be sold by weight, Pepin said.

The biodegradable film improves quality and shelf life, he said, and breaks down within a year.

Novobio organics are now available in Granby, Quebec-based Avril supermarkets and are being offered to major chains.

As a 44-year-old with two young sons, president Jean-Francois Laverdure felt the time was right for an organic program to promote good health and social responsibility, Pepin said.

“We hope to have these items everywhere to reach a wide range of consumers,” he said.