ST. LOUIS — Sun Farm Foodservice is outgrowing its spot on the St. Louis Produce Market and could move, said president John Pollaci.

“We’re running out of space here, and I’m really working on finding a new location,” he said.

A new home for Sun Farm would most likely be off market, but hopefully not too far away, Pollaci said.

“There’s not a whole lot of space on the market, but we definitely want to stay close.”

That’s because people on the market look out for each other, Pollaci said.

If it’s time for Sun Farm to send a load out and the truck with its lettuce hasn’t arrived, the company can buy 10 boxes from another distributor on the market and not worry about sending a second truck out a few hours later.

“Our big thing is not to have to make re-deliveries during the day.”

Pollaci estimated that, given its growth, Sun Farm might have one more year at the market before buttons start popping off and seams come undone.

The company also is considering renting space on the market until it’s able to make a permanent move.

Looking for a new place is time-consuming, but given that the task is mandated by business being good, Pollaci emphasizes he’s not complaining.

“It’s a good thing to have to do.”

Also new at Sun Farm, the company has hired a new warehouse manager.

Richard Reese joined Sun Farm in the spring, Pollaci said. Reese’s food safety bona fides were a big reason for his being hired.

“He has good food safety and sanitation experience,” Pollaci said. “He’s helping us to dig in and develop our HACCP program even further.”

Reese, who has worked for various food industry companies, will be invaluable if and when Sun Farm finds a new home, Pollaci said.

“He’ll help us get up to speed quickly.”