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CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS — Imports (28-44*-24) — Imports from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Movement expected to remain about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Trading fairly slow. Prices chayote (40 pounds) and malanga higher; calabaza, dasheen and yams (name) lower; chayote (20 pounds), ginger root, taro eddoes and yuca generally unchanged. Calabaza 50-pound sacks mostly $13. Chayote 20-pound cartons mostly $8, 40-pound cartons mostly $15-16. Ginger root 30-pound cartons mostly $40. Malanga 40-pound cartons blanca (large) mostly $24-25, lila (large) mostly $24. Taro 40-pound cartons eddoes mostly $22; dasheen 50-pound sacks (medium) mostly $14. Yams (name) 45-pound cartons yellow mostly $39-40, 50-pound cartons white mostly $23. Yuca (cassava) 40-pound cartons mostly $15. Quality good. *revised. CARIBBEAN IMPORTS — Imports (4-1*-3) — Imports from the Dominican Republic. Movement expected to remain about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Trading moderate. Prices higher. Coconut 65- to 70-pound sacks 40s mostly $22. Quality good. *revised. MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (6-6-3) — Movement expected about the same. Trading fairly active. Prices generally unchanged. 40-pound cartons chayote mostly $13-14.50. Quality variable.


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Chef grads visit farms

10/01/2014 12:10:27 PM

As part of an effort to get restaurants and institutions to use more fresh Quebec produce, the Quebec... Read more.

Potatoes have field day in Canada

10/01/2014 12:09:11 PM

About 150 potato producers from across North America participated in the first Potato Field Day Aug.... Read more.

Urban Barns Foods premieres pilot project

10/01/2014 12:07:23 PM

Richard Groome, president and CEO of Pointe Claire, Quebec-based Urban Barns Foods Inc., is convinced... Read more.

Business updates: Montreal Know Your Market

10/01/2014 11:51:07 AM

Agrimondo Boucherville-based importer Agri-Mondo Inc. has built Canada’s first persimmon ripening room in preparation for its... Read more.

Montreal startup provides seeds and marketing

10/01/2014 11:46:19 AM

A high-tech Montreal startup is using the Internet to link local growers directly to their customers. Provender’s... Read more.

Inglorious vegetables

10/01/2014 11:43:53 AM

Would you buy an ugly fruit or vegetable? That’s the million-dollar question after a major French... Read more.

Consumers connect with organics in Montreal markets

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Between the short growing season and the tough regulations, growing organic produce in Quebec is too... Read more.

Fun times at QPMA 2014

08/27/2014 11:36:14 AM

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Montreal business updates

12/03/2013 10:35:34 AM

Agri-Mondo’s European Flavor push gains steam Boucherville, Quebec-based importer Agri-Mondo Inc. is in the third year... Read more.

Success on the Half‐Shell

12/03/2013 10:12:28 AM

More than 500 industry guests attended the Quebec Produce Marketing Association’s 28th annual Oyster Party... Read more.

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