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MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (293-416-623, seedless 289-414-622, seeded 4-2-1) — Movement expected to increase. Trading slow. Prices lower. Red-flesh seedless-type 24-inch bins per pound approximately 35 and 45 counts 12-14 cents, approximately 60 count 10-12 cents, 75-80s 10 cents; red-flesh seedless miniature flat cartons 6s mostly $6-6.95, 8s $7-9. Quality variable. MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (158-190*-179**) — Movement expected to increase. Trading fairly slow. Supplies 6s and 60 count fairly light. Prices 60 count and 4-5s lower, others generally unchanged. Red-flesh seedless-type cartons per pound 4-5s mostly 24 cents, 6s 22 cents; 24-inch bins per pound approximately 36 and 45 counts mostly 22 cents, approximately 60 count 18-20 cents. Quality variable. *revised, **data incomplete. CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS — Imports (60-65*-43, seedless 3-5*-7; seeded 0-0-0) — Imports via boat from Guatemala and Honduras. Movement expected to be about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Supplies fairly light. Trading moderate. Prices red-flesh seedless miniature 6s unchanged and others lower. Cartons flat red-flesh seedless miniature 6s mostly $10.95, 8s mostly $10.95-11.95. Red-flesh seedless cartons 4-5s mostly $18- $18.50. *revised. FLORIDA — Shipments (0-1-38, red-flesh seeded 0-0-12; red-flesh seedless 0-1-25) — Light harvest was expected to continue the week of April 7. Sufficient volume for the first f.o.b. was expected by the week of April 14.


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