About 150 potato producers from across North America participated in the first Potato Field Day Aug. 15 in Ste-Croix.

More than 112 different varieties were on display at the event, organized by Quebec Parmentier Inc. and its partners.

Varieties ranged from a pink fingerling to a purple creamer, plus many new white, yellow and red varieties.

In the morning, potato buyers had a chance to “meet” the most promising varieties that will soon be on store shelves.

“It was an excellent time to discuss business opportunities with our customers,” said Pierre Chouinard, president and CEO of Quebec Parmentier, in a release.

“Presenting varieties about to be marketed was invaluable for those who want to stand out, develop new markets and consolidate their market share.”

In the afternoon, it was the producers’ turn to admire the new varieties and watch a demonstration on the techniques used to determine a winner.

Producers from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba and the U.S. attended the event.

Quebec Parmentier president Julien Rivard said his company wants to offer alternatives to traditional varieties to make the potato industry more competitive.

The group, founded in 2012, brings together 33 producers of seed, table and processing potatoes from across the province.