A.J. Trucco Inc. is marketing U.S. blueberries, has improved its fresh fig program and has added a pouch for organic kiwifruit.

For the past few years Trucco has been importing Chilean blueberries, but this year marks the first time the New York-based importer and distributor of kiwifruit, garlic, grapes, blueberries, figs and chestnuts plans to source domestic blueberries in June, said Nick Pacia, co-owner and vice president.

Improving its fresh fig program, the company expects to triple volume from last year and plans to market the fruit in a variety of packaging options, including a 12-count clamshell that safely transports figs and prevents markings that can occur during shipping, Pacia said.

Additionally, Trucco designed a pouch for its organic kiwifruit.

By featuring colorful photos of the product and prominently displaying nutritional information, the 1-pound pack was designed to help attract and educate consumers about the health benefits of kiwifruit, Pacia said.

“We received great feedback from our retailers on this packaging, so we’ve decided to expand this look to packaging for our domestic blueberries and our domestic fresh fig program,” Pacia said.