St. Paul, Minn.-based onion repacker and distributor Brings Co. is now part of H. Brooks & Co.

New Brighton, Minn.-based H. Brooks purchased the company the last week of April, and is preparing to move Brings Co.’s operations into its building.

Pat Coan, president of Brings Co., remains in her position, and the company will continue to operate as a separate brand, despite the buyout, said Phillip Brooks, chief executive officer of H. Brooks.

Brings Co. had outgrown its building and wanted to expand, and H. Brooks was looking to diversify, Brooks and Coan said.

“We’re looking at it like a terminal market, working together to just bring some unique capabilities,” Brooks said. “Patty and I have known each other for many years, and we have similar values with quality, food safety, customer service and a fair price, so we’re combining our efforts.”


Smooth transition

 Coan said Brooks agreed to hire Brings’ entire staff, and virtually everyone is making the move. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses also will remain the same, she said.

Brings is also working on a new Web site, and looking at expanding its packing capabilities.

“We’ll have four packing lines in there (Brooks’ facility), with room for two more,” Coan said. “We’re going to have a lot more room than what we had before.

Both companies will operate out of H. Brooks’ building at 600 Lakeview Point Drive, New Brighton, a building it has inhabited since April 2001.

In October 2006, H. Brooks acquired Malat Produce Inc., Minneapolis.