(Nov. 13) Maurice “Marty” Martin, 77, salesman for more than 20 years for Mills Family Farms, Salinas, Calif., died of cancer Nov. 3.

Basil Mills, president, said he had been friends with Martin since they first met 56 years ago, when both were in the Army. After he left the Army to work for Royal Packing Co, Mills said he recommended Martin for a position at the company. They had met while serving at the Adjutant General’s School for six months together.

“In 1956 we were looking for another employee, and I said I knew a fellow from the Army that would be great,” Mills said. “He started out as assistant sales manager and worked for Royal for 13 years. When the company moved to Phoenix in 1957, I stayed in Salinas and started my own business in 1958.”

Mills said he stayed in touch with Martin over the next 30 years.

“He went into the brokerage business for himself, and we hired him in the mid ’80s, so he’s been with us on the sales desk for over 20 years, but we’ve been friends for half a century,” he said.

Martin was born in Chicago. He joined the Army and became a paratrooper in the 11th Airborne Division during the Korean War.

He is survived by his daughters: Janice Stone and Betsy Martin.

Friends who would like to take part in a celebration of life service at the family home on Nov. 17 should call (831) 484-2343.

Longtime salesman for Mills Family Farms dies
Maurice “Marty” Martin