(Feb. 22) Mangoes will be the next new item to start popping up in retail stores under the Disney Garden label.

Curtis DeBerry, owner of Progreso Produce Ltd., Boerne, Texas, said he expects to start shipping Disney Garden-branded mangoes from Mexico by April 1.

“The crop in Mexico looks good, so we’re excited to see how much volume we can move through the Disney Garden program,” DeBerry said. “It looks like sizes are good, and yields are going to be pretty high.”

Progreso and Imagination Farms LLC, the Indianapolis-based company handling the Disney license for produce, originally had hoped to launch the product in March. However, DeBerry said the year-round program was delayed because the packaging — which features characters from “High School Musical” — wasn’t ready.

DeBerry said the program will source from Mexico until September before shifting to Brazil for two months. Progreso plans to source from Ecuador from November into January and from Peru from January into March.

DeBerry, whose company also ships Disney Garden pumpkins and watermelons, said he has sourced from those areas in the past and has been in the mango deal for a decade. He hopes Disney Garden will give his mango business a boost as it has in the melon deal.

“We’re hoping for a 38% to 40% increase in retail business with the power of the Disney brand,” he said. “Hopefully, retailers who switch to the Disney label will see a significant increase in sales as well. It’s a win-win situation.”

DeBerry, whose company will supply customers in the U.S. and Canada, said packaging options are 9-pound cartons of 9-12s or four- to six-count clamshells in 30-pound cartons.

Imagination Farms marketing director Melinda Goodman said Price Look-Up stickers will include recipes and tips on how to cut a mango.

DeBerry said the tommy atkins variety likely would account for 70% of the program’s volume, but the deal also includes ataulfos, hadens, keitts and kents.