May 1 marked the 10th anniversary of Venlo, Netherlands-based Sormac BV, which specializes in packaging equipment for the fresh produce industry with a focus on the fresh-cut sector.

“We have an extensive delivery program. Our customers are happy with us. Our vegetable processing machinery can be found all over the world,” Sormac managing director Bert Haffmans said in a news release.

Changes for at the beginning of the company’s second decade include improvements to its line of weighing machines, a new approach to spare parts and service in the U.S. and added emphasis on technology development.

As of April 1, all service and spare parts needs are now being handled directly by Sormac, according to information on the company’s website. Previously, Reyco Systems Inc., Meridian, Idaho, provided Sormac’s customers with service and spare parts.

“Reyco has been a great partner for us and has done a good job supplying spare parts and handling service requests,” according to a statement on the Sormac website. “The reason for the change has to do with the desire from Sormac to improve our communications and build a stronger partnership with customers in the U.S.”

Another move to improve customer service, according to in the news release, in increased focus on technology development with the addition of a Technicum department.

“In our new Technicum, we will carry out tests, trials and demonstrations in order to meet increasingly stricter requirements set for the functioning and handling of our machinery and the materials that we use,” Haffmans said in the news release.

Sormac has already updated its weighing machines provide more accurate readings. By moving weighing sensors previously placed on the corners of belts to a “measuring hotspot” at the end of weighing belts, Sormac engineers improved the efficiency of the equipment, according to the news release.

“This means that it no longer really matters where the product is fed onto the belt. The guaranteed accuracy is around 3%. In practice, however, around 1% appears to be feasible,” according to the news release.

The redesigned weighing belts are already in use by fresh produce companies for measuring peeling losses and checking the capacity moving through a lettuce washing line, according to the Sormac website.

The weighing belts can be equipped with signal lights, belt control systems and other custom modifications.