The National Mango Board has a fully integrated marketing program in place for the first time this year, following the theme of a mango makeover.

“‘Mangover’ is all about making over your meals with mangoes to add excitement and fun to everyday meals,” said William Watson, executive director.

One aspect of the launch is set to feature the opportunity for media and food bloggers to come to a Mangover event in early May, where the board will provide examples to transform a meal with mangoes.

“Fresh mangoes would be sampled throughout the event, along with other activities to encourage guests and celebrities to share on social media,” Watson said.

Consumers also will have a chance to participate with a Facebook recipes contest.

“Consumers will be challenged to create the best Mangover recipe, emphasizing how families can add mangoes to familiar dishes to make them feel fresh again,” Watson said.

Other outreach efforts will be geared to the media.

To take the Mangover concept even further, the board has planned a Mangover Your Season promotion to encourage consumers to pair mangoes with iconic foods celebrated during certain times of the year and during major holiday seasons.

“For example, mango combined with juicy summer peaches to make the perfect cobbler, blueberries and mango in a nutritious smoothie, or cranberries and mango make a flavorful, fall chutney,” Watson said.

The board plans to implement a blogger ambassador program, called Mangover Mamas, to help promote these seasonal aspects of the program.

“We will work with influential mom bloggers to promote Mangovers as a way to highlight mango pairings, snacks and recipes for kids and special family occasions,” Watson said.

A holiday Twitter party is planed as well.

Megan McKenna, director of marketing, said interest from consumers through outreach efforts such as these is building.

“Each year the mango board is reaching more and more U.S. consumers with the mango message, including how to selection, ripen, cut as well as mango recipes,” she said.

Topping last year could be a challenge, however.

“For the first time, the mango board garnered over a billion impressions in the consumer marketing program in 2012,” McKenna said.

The board is up for the challenge though, and has great expectations for this year, with hopes to increase consumption from 2.47 pounds per person, up 32% since the board’s first year in 2005, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“We will continue to move the needle through ongoing outreach and education to retail and foodservice as well as the U.S. consumer,” McKenna said.